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CRSTL's Privacy Database Helps You Secure Your Customers' Personal Information

CRSTL's privacy database has been designed to help Canadian companies comply with Canadian private-sector privacy statutes. CRSTL's business language summaries and assessment questions are designed to help you respond to the expectations of regulators regarding privacy compliance and information governance.

The database contains the requirements under Canadian private-sector privacy statutes, set forth in plain language, including:

In addition to a brief description of the relevant federal and provincial statutory requirements, CRSTL's privacy database includes brief summaries (and hyperlinks) of findings and published guidance from the various Canadian privacy regulatory authorities.

Our privacy module is updated continually as legislation changes and important decisions are released. AccessPrivacyHB, a division of HB Global Advisors Corp., a Heenan Blaikie LLP company developed the content for the database. AccessPrivacyHB monitors changes to the laws affecting privacy and provides updated content. Our objective is to provide businesses with the information and processes they need to comply with Canadian privacy requirements.

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